If everything goes wrong but you survive, you can still learn from that experience and grow back better for it.” –Matt

“Why my heart? Why July? Why’d you show me the moon in the sky just to turn it off?”–Joey

“Hank is a main character from Ken Kesey’s second novel, “Sometimes a Great Notion.” This acts as an introduction to my favorite flawed lumberjack for any potential readers out there.” –Matt

“From the back seat of a band van. This little vignette was written accidentally to waste the time on our way to a festival in Pennsylvania with The Four Legged Faithful. It may be the actual maiden voyage of The Library Band.” –Joey

“This is the swan song of a man child in denial. I wrote this song in a rut, living with my parents and feeling the need to move on. I feel pretty fortunate to be able to write my way out of a depression even if only for a little while.” –Joey

“The story of saying goodbye to my mother” –Matt